A project realised with Stable Diffusion and a story:

A dimly lit room cast a mysterious and unreal glow on the sculptures on display. At first glance, they were humanoid figures, but on closer inspection it became clear that they were something entirely new and unexpected.
Each sculpture represented a unique creature whose limbs and facial features were both familiar and alien. Some have arms that twist and turn like branches, while others have wings made of coral. The creatures are all in various stages of development, scientifically bloated in test tubes, some already fully formed, others still growing.
But what really sets these sculptures apart is the way they are interwoven with the seemingly natural world. Each creature is depicted as being fused with elements of the earth, plants, anemones, corals, flowers, roots, but also hazards of pollution such as plastic and rubbish. 
It seems as if these creatures have evolved and adapted to their environment to become something completely new and unique.
The sculptures may be fantastic and surreal, but this project is also a reminder that we are all connected to the natural world in a way that we need to protect.
Unlocking Creativity: How AGI is Revolutionizing 3D Art and Opening New Doors for me ...
As technology continues to evolve, new and exciting opportunities are emerging for artists in the art world. One such development is the use of artificially generated imagery, also known as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). AGI not only offers numerous benefits, but also presents a challenge to the artistic community.
For 3D artists, AGI opens up great potential to take their creativity and skills to a new level. The technology offers a variety of new tools that allow artists to work quickly and effectively without sacrificing creativity.
One example is the use of machine learning technology that allows artists to generate and optimize 3D models. By analyzing thousands of models, the technology can recognize patterns and generate new, unique models on its own. This saves artists a lot of time and allows them to focus on their creative ideas.
In addition, AGI opens up new opportunities for artists to collaborate with other artists and industries. For example, artists and designers from different countries around the world can collaborate and share ideas using AGI. In addition, artists can also be used in fields such as architecture, film, and video game development to create realistic 3D environments and characters.
Of course, there are challenges, such as the potential loss of jobs due to automated processes. It is therefore important that artists become comfortable with the technology and learn to use it in creative ways. AGI should be seen as a tool that extends artists' creativity and potential, rather than replacing it.
Overall, the development of AGI offers 3D artists an exciting opportunity to expand their creative skills and potential. The technology will allow artists to work faster and more efficiently while realizing their creative ideas. We are at the beginning of an exciting new era in the art world, and it will be exciting to see how the technology evolves and how artists will use it to create their art​​​​​​​
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