In addition, AI opens up new opportunities for artists to collaborate with other artists and industries. For example, artists and designers from different countries around the world can collaborate and share ideas using AI. In addition, artists can also be used in fields such as architecture, film, and video game development to create realistic 3D environments and characters.
Here, for example, I created an assignment for Strichpunkt Design - Culture-Design / Brand Design for the new corporate design of the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences / THA and the new logo with the help of AI.
The people make up the special character of the THA.
Their interests, their ideas, their impulses, their togetherness, their personality. Their faces and their attitude form the DNA that is the visual core of a living, constantly changing generative logo.​​​​​​​
One of the principles of Strichpunkt was:
The new logo is being created collaboratively with artificial intelligence
as a creative tool, Generative and to constantly evolve anew and in itself.

Using my creativity and AI-based software, I generated a living generative logo in (theoretically) infinite variations ...
We all find the unexpected moment that arises during morphing particularly exciting.

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