Cools Collection stands for Contenporary.
Indoor and outdoor living in timeless design furniture. 
Made in Europe by local craftsmen to be cherished and loved for a lifetime.
​​​​​​I am very happy to have had the privilege to work as a digital artist for COOLS Collection. Great people, great products and I am grateful for this opportunity. I thank the team at COOLS Collection for the trust they have placed in me. 
I had and have the beautiful task of developing short CGI clips for social media and advertising inspired by summer, the beautiful island of Capri, the sea and the scent of Maggia.
to present the CHAIRS AND TABLES in a new and different way. 
Project Management: 
Maria Francesca Ayyagari is the managing director and co-founder of COOLS Collection.
Stefania Andorlini is co-founder and artistic director of COOLS Collection
Bernhard Mende is architect and co-designer of the Capri collection at COOLS Collection

Ideas & CGI cinematics: Vera Uchytil

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