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Eberl & Kœsel won three ADC awards with Strichpunkt for the customer magazine FinePrints #eins, which also features my 3D illustrations on the cover and inside pages

For the customers of Eberl & Koesel and those who want to become customers. For creatives with a passion for good design, for their suppliers, for employees and their families - for all friends of fine printing! Here, Eberl & Koesel offers a glimpse behind the scenes. What is behind the new brand Eberl & Kœsel? Who are the people behind the machines and which impressive projects leave their premises every day? Since January 2021, you can read all this and more in Eberl & Kœsel's somewhat different company magazin!

The task: 
Logo visual design of illustration for the 
cover and inside.

The solution: 
three-dimensional illustrations that work in print and on social networks in animation.

Client: Eberl & Koesel, Kempten / Allgäu Germany​​​​​​​
Agency: Strichpunkt 
3d-Art Cover & Interior Illustrations & Animation: Vera Uchytil 


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